Apchin Design is a member in good standing with Traveler's Guarantee

Traveler's Guarantee is currently a leading provider of surety products for the residential home building and development industry in Canada. The company was created through the purchase of London Guarantee Insurance Company, which was the first insurer to enter the home warranty market in British Columbia following the introduction of legislation under the Homeowner Protection Act & its Regulations ("Act") effective July 1, 1999. Utilizing the experience and knowledge of a dedicated group of underwriters and field staff, they focus on the risk evaluation process while working to develop and maintain strong relationships with the building community.

Stringent Underwriting Criteria
Traveler's Guarantee thoroughly reviews all builder applicants in the areas of track record, technical expertise, financial capacity, and after sales customer service. Not every applicant qualifies. Only those builders who meet their stringent underwriting criteria are able to provide Traveler's Guarantee's home warranty coverage. The annual renewal of a builder's registration is subject to a similar review. HPO also monitors builders throughout the province and investigates consumer complaints.