Design-Build Approach with Apchin Design

We are dedicated to quality relationships between our clients and our designers. We believe that the design-build approach to luxury home building is one of the best ways to ensure our clients feel included in every stage of the process.

Ultimately, the concept behind a design-build project delivery system is one where a homeowner enters an agreement with a single entity, whereby they assume responsibility for both design and construction of a project. This encompasses design & construction under a singular agreement, referred to as a design-build contract.

Why We Think Design-Build is Good for Our Clients?

At Apchin Design Corp., we believe that the design-build approach of offering the homeowner a single point of communication for these two critical services can significantly streamline an otherwise lengthy process. It can also improve communications between you, the homeowner, and the design-build contractor. A singular point of contact saves time and can greatly reduce chances of any miscommunication between multiple parties. This one-on-one, enhanced personal approach is a significant improvement over traditional construction practices that typically require owners to enter separate agreements with a designer and builder.

We have designed and completed a number of building projects using our design-build process and have found it to be mutually beneficial to our clients and our business. Not only will you have the opportunity to directly influence your own design-build project, you'll have the reassurance of knowing your project is being carried out with maximum efficiency and organization.

Using the design-build process, we are able to keep the project structured and on-task, without the homeowner constantly having to act as liaison or mediator between a designer and builder. This technique is becoming more widely-practiced and has proven itself as a highly effective and preferred method to build.

Benefits of the Design-Build Approach

Why choose Apchin's Design-Build approach for your high-end home construction project? Here are a few benefits of this process.

Timely Completion. Statistically, completed design-build projects are delivered faster than those of traditional construction methods. There's always a wide array of unavoidable circumstances that can cause significant delays in home construction, such as bad weather or problems with transportation of materials, particularly to more remote areas. A design-build concept, having all designers and builders collaborating under one roof at Apchin Design Corp. streamlines the process and can help eliminate additional delays, ensuring a timely completion.

Significantly lower cost. Time is money and delays in construction projects can add unexpected expenses. By opting for a design-build process, you can keep all sides working together toward a common goal of home completion that's on time and on budget. Since project costs are agreed to upfront, you eliminate any chance for gradual price inflation found in more traditional construction processes. The agreed-upon design is predetermined and outlined by the opening budget. Any changes requested by the homeowner that affect budget are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Improved communication. At Apchin Design Corp. we feel it's important that all lines of communication between homeowner and design builder are transparent. After all, we're building your future home and we fully understand what an enormous responsibility that is. We listen carefully to your ideas, inspirations and adhere to your exact specifications, offering unique design solutions that will harmonize with your dreams, perhaps even beyond your imagination.

Our professional design builders at Apchin Design Corp. explore your ideas from a functional, aesthetic and ecological perspective. We feel that your new home's final design must suit your lifestyle and needs.

Our designs focus on using energy-efficient, non-toxic materials and ecological methods and technologies. What this means is that your completed home is one that breaks the mold of traditional construction.

Apchin Design Corp. projects are a combination of innovation, environmental responsibility and adaptability to the ever-changing field of design and architecture. Contact our experts today to begin the journey toward your dream home.