High-End Interior Design

Designed for life. Your life.

As a design-build firm, our all-inclusive white glove service includes the finest interior design. The Apchin Design + Build team is passionate about creating magnificent spaces that are designed for your life.

Whether you’re selecting your flooring and faucets or searching for the perfect chair to finish your room, our interior design team will work with you to design a home that reflects who you are and the lifestyle you deserve.

Full-Service Interior Design

Our interior designers work with the Apchin Design + Build team to seamlessly integrate the interior finishings with all other aspects of your home design. We take into account the landscape and views, the exterior finishings, and your own personal tastes, crafting living spaces that are worthy of praise.

It starts with our initial planning stages, determining your must-haves and sourcing the highest quality products, materials and furnishings as we design a floor plan and layout for your new home. We then work with you to select colour schemes and materials that will enhance the design of your home and that meet your lifestyle needs, whether you need hard-wearing flooring for the dog and kids, or sleek, minimalist surfaces that gleam in the sunlight.

Luxurious Details

Interior design goes beyond basic aesthetics like furniture and paint colours. The experts at Apchin Design + Build work in exacting detail to ensure that every outlet, doorway, light fixture, and vent is in the right place. We anticipate your needs and deliver a design that fits you and your life so perfectly that you never have to give it a second thought.

Once the structure of the room is determined, our team can work with you to select the perfect finishings, flooring, paint colours, and furnishings that turn your house into a home.

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