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Kelowna Design-Build from start to finish

Our award-winning team has been designing modern homes in Kelowna and throughout Western Canada since 1985. We understand the unique challenges of designing an Okanagan modern home; rocky landscapes, breathtaking views, intense sun, and cloudy winters. At Apchin Design + Build, we embrace these challenges and let them inform and inspire our innovative, site-specific modern home designs.

Modern architecture is characterized by an abundance of natural light, open floorplans, quality materials and craftsmanship. Another key element of modern home design is the equal emphasis on form and function, striking a balance that is both beautiful and practical. All of this comes together in an Apchin Design + Build home that is as architecturally stunning as it is timeless.

Kelowna’s High-end Modern Home Builder

Extraordinary details for timeless design

As an experienced design-build firm, we deeply understand what it takes to build a quality modern home in Kelowna, the Okanagan Valley, and beyond. The beauty of modern homes is often found in their simplicity: clean lines, intriguing architecture, natural light, high-quality materials and an embracing of the landscape.

When it comes to construction, we take the utmost care in replicating the details that our clients and home designers envisioned. We hold our construction to a higher standard, building homes that can structurally stand the test of time and are artfully finished so that everything is exactly as it should be.

Mid-Century Modern Homes

The Okanagan Valley’s climate and landscape are reminiscent of places like Palm Springs and Florida, where mid-century modern home design burst onto the scene. Mid-century modern architecture is characterized by clean lines, open floorplans and ample windows. It emphasizes bringing the outdoors in, and when you live in a place like Kelowna, why wouldn’t you want to embrace the landscape in your home design?

Our team is deeply familiar with mid-century design and modern architecture. We are honoured to work with clients across Western Canada to design and build custom homes that represent a fresh perspective on this popular field of modern home design.

Contemporary Home Design

Contemporary home design is a style that is constantly evolving and refers to what is popular and current today. What was classified as a contemporary design a decade ago may seem a bit dated today, and what is contemporary today may seem modern to some.

In many ways, contemporary home design is the most popular, as there are really no rules. A home that is a blend of a Tuscan Villa with urban brickwork, mid-century post and beam, and historic moulding may be considered Contemporary by today’s standards.

At Apchin Design + Build, we incorporate the primary principles of modern design into whatever style of home our client desires, creating a functional and beautiful fusion that can only be classified as luxury, contemporary home design.


adjective or occurring at the same time.
“the event was recorded by a contemporary historian”
2. belonging to or occurring in the present.
“the tension and complexities of our contemporary society”

House Plans

A beautiful, functional, well-designed home starts with your house plans. Apchin Design + Build works with you to understand your family’s needs, lifestyle, and long-term goals. Our approach also drives us to work in harmony with the land, or what is also known as “site-specific home design.”

We balance our client’s needs and vision with the property and surrounding landscape. The resulting architectural drawings are unique to you and truly reflect the bespoke nature of an exceptional luxury home.

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